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13 - Feb - 2024
18 - Oct - 2023
18/10/2023 02:50PM | By Madi

How to Replace a CV Axle on a 4x4 with 4WDTV

  • 18/10/2023 02:50PM | By Madi
Famous last words here were 'let's just give it one more crack!' If you have taken your vehicle for a good drive and heard a CRACK and are now dealing with a clicking noise, or you've lost drive to one of your front wheels, there's a high chance you've done a CV or axle. These are super common, particularly in an IFS 4x4 as the CV's are shorter an...
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18 - Mar - 2020
04 - Mar - 2020
04/03/2020 09:00PM

Closed Labour Day 2020

  • 04/03/2020 09:00PM
Patrolapart & Navarapart will be closed Saturday the 7th and Monday the 9th of March The team here will be having a long weekend for Labour Day Online orders can still be placed throughout this period and will be processed when we return to work on Tuesday the 10th of March.
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04 - Aug - 2016