Redline Diesel Cold Weather Anti Gel Fuel Additive


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Redline Diesel Anti Gel

  • Reduces gelling point of diesel fuel, perfect for taking your vehicle into the alpine regions during winter.
  • reduces the freezing point of water in the fuel, helping prevent filter blockages
  • lubricates injectors and fuel pumps
  • contains no harmful alcohol
  • reduces fuel and engine friction
  • removes controlled amounts of water.

Redline Anti Gel containes the most effective wax crystal modifier to help prevent diesel fuel gelling and to significantly improve the low temperature operation of a diesel engine.

Anti-Gel will reduce the gelling and pour point by 25 degrees F in a typical fuel and will prevent wax from settling in the fuel tank, allowing a significant improvement in the ability to warm up after starting, before wax plugs the filters and kills the engine.

The unique wax modifier in Anti-Gel will improve the low-temperature operability 7-10 dgreees F better than other high quality conventional treatments.

Recommended Dosage

Use 1 bottle to 190 Litres of diesel fuel to reduce the pour point and filter-plugging point of diesel fue in cold weather. Most critical problems occur on startup, so the fuel should be treated before you turn the vehicle off. This product gels at -17 degrees celcius, but when added to diesel fuel can reduce the fuel gelation to much lower sub-zero temperatures. 

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