REDBACK Exhaust suit Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 3" with Resonator & Cat

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Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 REDBACK Exhaust

Suit GU Patrols with ZD30 Engine
This 3" Redback Extreme Duty exhaust system comes with a Catalytic Convertor and Muffler.
Redback Extreme Duty exhaust systems have the reputation in Australia to be the most durable exhaust out there in the market.
This particular system comes with a 200 CPI low restriction Catalytic Convertor custom made for diesel engines
All the brackets for the exhaust to connect to the vehicle are very heavy duty and come with some serious rubber mounts.
They come with a 4 bolt 10mm flange system ensuring a good seal that doesnt leak for ultimate durability rather than a 2 or 3 bolt flange system like many cheaper exhaust systems on the market.
Redback Extreme Duty exhaust systems now come with a 10 year warranty, the only brand of exhaust that does in the industry.
They are 100% Australian Made and Designed and made by Australians.

304-grade stainless steel mufflers & 409-grade stainless steel tube.
Fully painted with heatproof paint (flint grey).

Incorporates two sensor bungs in the dump pipe, one for an Oxygen Sensor and one for An EGT probe. Bungs come with the fitting kit if you do not require any sensors.

Redback 4x4 Extreme Exhaust systems come with all Mandrel Bends to optimise flow and painted in Australia's most durable heat resistant paint.
This system also comes with all the flange gaskets and the gasket on the back of the turbo for the ZD30 engine. It comes with a comprehensive fitting kit and also a servicing kit for the future with new gaskets and nuts.
The picture in this listing shows exactly what comes with this kit so you know what you are getting.
We have a full mechanical workshop that we can organise fitting for you. please contact us on 03 9735 9099 for a fitting price.

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