Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignition suit Nissan Patrol GQ TB42S


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New Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignition conversion to suit Nissan Patrol and Ford Maverick GQ with TB 42 Carby engines, with points type ignition.

***Please note Ad is for original Hall Effect module We can supply Lobe sensing at the same price but are reluctant to do so***

Never Change Points Again!

We have 7 Years of experience selling these units and have decided to offer only the Hall Effect unit for sale. In previous years we have had many Lobe sensing units returned and decided to return to selling the original Hall Effect type.

We have found these to be the most stable and reliable type and in our opinion the 10 minutes extra fit time is easily offset by the added reliability and stability..

For over thirty years, the Ignitor has proven itself in applications ranging from race cars to tractors. The Ignitor repla

ces breaker point and troublesome factory electronic ignitions with a dependable, self-contained and maintenance-free electronic ignition system. The Ignitor has been called the "stealth" ignition because of its quick installation and nearby undetectable presence under your distributor cap.

Simple home Mechanics is required for Install, as the Distributor needs to be removed, and re-timed on installation.


  • Ideal for LPG powered vehicles
  • Delivers twice the voltage to the spark plugs, increasing horsepower, fuel economy, and spark plug life
  • 2:1 improvement over "points" in current fall time for increased coil output
  • Rotating cobalt magnets trigger a Hall Effect integrated circuit ... no points to burn ... no moving parts to wear out
  • Epoxy molding makes our module impervious to dirt, oil, grease and moisture
  • Fits entirely inside the distributor - no "black box" to clutter the engine compartment
  • Stable timing ... no need for any adjustments
  • Guaranteed for 30 months by Pertronix USA We at Patrolapart stand by this warranty...

They are simple to fit; a home mechanic can easily fit this device. Made in USA – with over 3 million sold.

Ignitor vs. Breaker Point Energy chart



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