PATROLAPART Triple 3 Gauge Pillar Pod for Nissan Patrol GU Y61 Colour K


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Three Gauge Pillar Pod

*** NEW MODEL ***

Suits: ALL GU Nissan Patrol's with Interior Colour Code - K

As a general rule, this suits all GU Utes, and GU Wagons up until 09-2002

Please check your compliance plate on the drivers side firewall for your colour code. See the extra picture to see where to look on the compliance plate.

This Pillar Pod has been Designed by Patrolapart from scratch and manufactured specificially for us.

It features many benefits compared to the previous model we were selling including:

* Better line of site for the driver, as the gauge pods have been tucked into the pillar more closely.
* Fit quality has been improved to wrap around the A pillar better
* The A pillar grab handle doesnt impede on the top gauge pod (for 3 gauge models only)
* Colour coding has been completed during the production process making the paint much more durable and hard to scratch.
* The texture of the pillar pod is closer to the factory trim texture

This A Pillar Pod Fits 3 x 52mm Gauges and goes onto the Right Hand Side of the vehicle for the Driver.

Have an extra deep cavity to fit Deeper gauges like VDO such as the Pyrometer gauge.

Designed to have 3 guages all in a row and allow enough room for the grab handle to still go into place.

Made from durable ABS plastic.

This trim is Held in place by the A pillar grab handle, no holes to be drilled to any trims.

NOTE: These NEW pillar pods are all pre drilled & colour coded and ready to ship out / pickup straight away. 

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