Oxygen Lambda Sensor Suit Nissan Patrol Y62 VK56 Series 1-2 Rear
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Oxygen / Lambda Sensor Rear

This is a High Quality Aftermarket Sensor to Suit Nissan Patrol Y62 with VK56 Petrol V8 Engine.

Suit series 1-2 up to 02/2016.

This goes onto your exhaust manifold in front of the second cat (beside the transmission) plugs into your vehicles ECU.

Faulty sensors can give incorrect readings causing loss of power, poor fuel economy or rough idling to name a few.

There are 2 required per vehicle,  there is one each side / exhaust manifold and they are the same as each other.


These are often diagnosed in code as sensor 2 = rear sensor.
For example bank 1 sensor 2 = RH exhaust manifold rear oxygen sensor.
Likewise bank 2 sensor 2 = LH exhaust manifold rear oxygen sensor.

The Upper / Front Oxygen sensors are also available separately in our online store along with later model Series 3 sensors, which are different.

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