Nissan Patrol GQ GU Front Coil Spring Spacer Packer 15mm Pair


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  Nissan Patrol 15mm Front Spring Spacers

Sold as a PAIR to Suit all GQ and GU Coil Sprung Models
Spring Spacers can be used if a car has drooped a little bit with extra accessories fitted,
Or if the car is leaning to one side, then a spacer can be added to eleviate the problem.
We don't recomend using spring spacers as a way of getting a 'cheap' suspension lift,
Rather a solution to a problem ie: one sagging spring.

It is Important to make sure you have adequate suspension travel after fitting spring spacers, and that the spring and the spacer have re-seated correctly

NOTE: picture shows one front and one rear spacer, but this listing is for two front spacers. Rear spacers are available in another listing in our online store.

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