KO Gear Rear Diff Lock Override System V3 for Nissan Patrol Y62

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Rear Locker Override Kit v3


Suits: Nissan Patrol Y62
This is now the 3rd major update to our, Y62 Rear Locker Override. So yes it has the Version id of v3.
The V3 version, has the same functionality as V2, just smaller.  This is thanks to our Aussie designed pcb module, new case and mount designed created and printed here in Brisbane.
    • Allows the factory console locker switch to operate the override mode
    • The override module mounts next to factory locker control module in the Left Rear Qtr. panel of the Y62.
    • It is connected by using an intercept harness that plugs inbetween the  factory locker module and connector.
    • Includes a Toggle switch that is design to mount on the Left Rear Qtr Vent to swap between the factory mode ('stock') and the 'override' operation. modes. *** No matter what mode this toggle switch is in, the locker activation is still via the Factory Selector on the console. 


The issue with factory setting is you need to be in low range and under 7kph. (yes manual does say H4 also, but no one has got it to work in h4).
This allows the operation of the E locker like any after market elocker when the driver requires it in any drive mode and retains the console factory button function and dash light and does not throw any fault lights in doing so. Naturally common sense in usage is highly recommended.


Kit will include:

  • KO-GEAR override module and intercept harness and toggle switch 40mm connector
  • 2x 6mm bolts ,2x flat washers, 2x spring washers
  • Mounting plate with toggle switch attached and 40mm wire connector
  • Printed Install Guide
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty, then after individual case assessement cover.


This product is for 'Off Road" Use. Please be mindful that the 2WD and Rear Locker kits do override the STD vehicle function and or modify how the vehicle operates. Although care and attention has been taken in the products, adding them at your Y62 is at own risk. The kits are designed with fuse and component protection in mind to reduce risks, so please install well and enjoy wisely and safely.


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