Camber Adjuster Bolt Locking Kit For Nissan Patrol Y62
SKU: PAP-1245


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Camber Adjuster Bolt Locking Kit PAP-1245

Suits all Y62 Patrol Models, suited for the rear alignment adjuster bolt heads.

This kit is designed to suit the 4 adjustable control arm bolt heads located on the Rear Spring Arm, and the Lower Control arm, in the rear Suspension.

Are you on the hunt for a solution that will effectively fix or prevent the rear end of your Y62 from going out of alignment?

A common issue with the Y62 range is for the rear alignment to be knocked out of spec due to an impact. This could be caused by hitting a pothole while towing, 4wding or simple day to day duties. This can cause premature tyre wear and poor handling.

To align these vehicles, the eccentric bolt in the rear lower control arm rotates against the steel locating tabs on the K-frame. These tabs have a tendency to bend, which can cause alignment issues and make it difficult to bring the vehicle back into spec.

To counter this, we have developed our own Camber Adjuster Bolt Locking Kits. These kits not only support the K-frame's locating tabs, but also lock the bolt head to prevent rotation. This solution can effectively decrease the likelihood of the rear end of your Y62 from going out of alignment.  


It is recommended to use four kits per vehicle, one for each of the adjuster bolt heads that are located on the rear lower suspension arms.

The Kits Includes

1 x Bracket to support K-frame tabs.

1 x Bracket to lock bolt head 

1 x M6 Bolt for locking tab.

Made from Mild Steel and Zinc Coated.

We also carry a large range of suspension items in our online store, from Genuine control arms to swaybar links and more!

Below is an install video we created to help with the fitment as well!


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