Uni Filter Pre Cleaner 5" Custom Stainless / Steel Snorkels such as Patroldocta Y62


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Unifilter Snorkel Pre Cleaner

Suits: Custom 5" round snorkels like Patroldocta Snorkels for Y62

These are perfect for outback trips, high country trips and local trips with dusty conditions.

All you need to do is fit the pre-cleaner over the top of your snorkel head and let it do its job.

It will reduce the amount of dust going into your air cleaner and clogging up your main filter.

For long trips it is recommended to carry a few of these and change them as required. 

They are fully reusable and just need a good clean and reapply with Filter-Fix oil to reuse again and again.

Save your Air Cleaner and buy these today!

This listing is for 1 filter

We also have a range of other sizes available in our online store including 4"  round and various snorkel head sizes.

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