Genuine Nissan Patrol GU ZD/TD/RD Intercooler Mounting Sleeve

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 Genuine Nissan Intercooler Mounting Sleeves

Suit TD42TI, RD28TI & ZD30 DDI engines

These metal sleeves sit inside of the intercooler mounting rubber so you can bolt them upto your intercooler or intercooler bracket.

These normally dont give trouble, but when replacing the rubbers, give them a check to see if they are all there and replace if needed.

We also stock the intercooler rubbers also and are available in our online store separately.


These rubbers perish over time due to vibrations the motor makes while driving. Not keeping these rubbers in good condition can result in the intercooler becoming loose and moving around more, possibly causing cracks in the intercooler. Cracks in the intercooler can suck in water and hydraulic lock your motor if doing river crossings. Replace them if they are worn before its too late!


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