Front Coil Spring Spacer Packer 15mm suits Nissan Patrol GQ GU


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15mm Front Coil Spring Spacer
Sold Individually. Suits Nissan Patrol GQ and GU Coil Sprung Models
Spring Spacers can be used if a car has drooped a little bit with extra accessories fitted, 
Or if the car is leaning to one side, then a spacer can be added to eleviate the problem.
We don't recomend using spring spacers as a way of getting a 'cheap' suspension lift, 
Rather a solution to a problem ie: one sagging spring.

It is also important to note that the front upper spring seat has a step in it, but it is impossible to machine this step into a 15mm spacer, as the car is lowered onto the springs again, the spacer will deform to the shape of the spring seat.

It is Important to make sure you have adequate suspension travel after fitting spring spacers, and that the spring and the spacer have re-seated correctly


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