TD42 Hi Flow water Pumps

Having overheating problems on your TD42 ???
We have had quite a few customers who have done everything to try to solve overheating issues.
We have had 2 customers trialing a new hi flow waterpump and the initial reports are promising
The pump is a rebuilt factory item and has a different impellor design with lowered clearances to improve cavitation.
Case study 1:
GQ TD42T (GU Engine) with 3 core copper radiator. Towing camper trailer heavily loaded around Aus
Customer found in high ambient temperatures vehicle would gain temperature gradually at highway speeds until he would have slow down to allow the temp to drop. Fitting the pump has cured the gradual climb of temperature, On a couple of occassions on steep climbs he has also noted that whilst it still climbs in temperature it drops more rapidly than before
Case study 2:
GU TD42TI customer has standard cooling system and has found that on hot days when towing at highway speeds the temperature steadily climbs. Fitting the pump has resulted in the same outcome as case 1 with the temperature staying normal for longer and the vehicle cooling more quickly when it does get hot.
One must remember that a cooling system is just that a system and all components must be matched and in good working order for the system to function correctly.
We are still monitoring peoples results and look forward to feedback from our customers on their results with this pump
The Price you ask $249.00
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