NEW MODEL UFI Viscous Hub & Fan Blade for Nissan Patrol GQ & GU TD42


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UFI Viscous Hub & Fan Blade

Suits: Nissan Patrol GQ with TD42 engine.

Suits: Nissan Patrol GU with TD42, TD42t (factory turbo) and TD42TI (factory turbo intercooled) ENGINES.

Suits: Nissan Patrol GU with TB45 petrol engine.

These have been developed by UFI in Western Australia who know what they are doing when it comes to the Nissan Patrol TD42 engine.

Once again UFI have done the hard work and designed and had made their own products , the hub design has been changed again to more suit the TD42 application and its operating temps . We have also managed to gain another 4mm radiator clearance over the previous model and of course it’s direct bolt on for both GQ & GU Patrols in standard form.

This blade and viscous hub offers a better cooling performance than the standard system, as it is much more aggressive is design, some customers have seen a drop in temperatures from running this compared to the standard viscous hub and fan.

It is a great improvement for increased powered TD42 engines that will run hotter than standard. This can also be used on standard powered vehicles too to decrease temperatures

WARNING: These WILL NOT work with aftermarket radiators that are larger than factory, as this fan will possibly run too close to your radiator, possibly causing it to contact it causing leaks. Only use this with standard size radiators. 

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