Nissan Patrol GQ LH Left Hand Passenger Side HeavyDuty Seat Turret


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Front Seat Turret

Suit: ALL GQ Nissan Patrol models.

This is the Left hand (Passenger) side Front Seat Turret.

The Turret bolts to the floor on the Inside edge of the Passenger Seat at the Back of the Seat.
(Closest to the Tranmission Tunnel) 

These HEAVY DUTY TURRETS have been designed by Patrolapart as we recognised the need for these in the market, as the factory ones are weak and are prone to cracking.

These have a thick 10mm steel plate underneith for the seat bolt to thread into and the main assembly is made from 3mm steel.

Made locally in Australia too!

The other side is available separately in our online store.

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